I get this question a lot, even offline. I thought I should just have a separate page for it, considering everything. The answer is simple, and is even posted on the home page of the whole site.


Officially, the dimensions are below. These are exact as of tournament regulations, so if you are practicing to compete in one, these are what you should adhere to when playing bocce.


  • 13 feet wide
  • 91 feet long

As for what material to play bocce best on, that is highly personal. Most people play on a simple grass playing field, since it is the most commonly available field. You can play on grass at the park or your yard, for example. However, other materials are commonly used as well, especially among those building their own bocce pit:


  • Stone dust: less available, but it is very sturdy and is easy to manage in your yard. 
  • Sand: probably the best alternative to grass, as it is widely available for purchase and the impact the balls make upon landing do not affect the flexible sand. You will need to moisturize this, however.
  • Clay: make sure you use clay similar to those found on a tennis court. Purchase this at a tennis supplies store.